Individual Psychotherapy

Looking for a place where you feel safe and free to discuss concerns impacting your relationships or other areas of your life? I am interested in providing a place where you can explore and find alternative possiblities to these areas of concern. 

Couples Therapy

Sometimes as couples we see the partner as the problem and focus on the details of the events. We don’t realize that as a couple we each have our own unique relational patterns. Patterns that can repeat themselves and are the culprit of the problems in our relationship. I join couples in noticing these patterns and in finding new alterantives. 

AMFT Approved Supervisor

I have experience supervising graduate level interns and enjoy supporting upcoming therapists in their professional journey. My foundational theoretical orientation as Narrative but I also implement interventions from other theories. As a supervisor I am interested in assisting the intern/associates in grounding themselves in their preferred theoretical orientations. 

Family Therapy

Feeling connected can be difficult at times when so many stressors and societal expectations impact us every day. Providing a space where the problems can be speareted from our familial relationships and our connections are strengthened is a focus in my work. 

Maribel Higuera a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Psicoterapia Individual, Terapia en pareja, Terapia Familiar.

San Diego, CA. La Mesa, CA, El Cajon CA, Chula Vista, CA, Mission Valley, CA, San Carlos CA. National City, CA, Spring Valley, CA.